The 3 Main Parts Of Your Dental Implant Restoration

The 3 Main Parts Of Your Dental Implant Restoration

Has the dentist in Bakersfield suggested you to replace your missing tooth with the help of dental implants? Dental implants supported tooth replacement is one of the complex dentistry treatments available. Before you get started with your dental implant restoration, you must try to learn more about it. In this blog, we will discuss the various aspects of your dental implant planning and help you learn about the treatment.

There are 3 main parts of the dental implant restoration- the post, abutment, and replacement tooth. Here’s a look:

1 – The Dental Implant Post

Dental implant posts are used for replacing the lost roots of missing teeth. They can be made from a variety of materials which includes titanium and Zirconia. The implant posts are surgically positioned below the gum line. Once in place, the implant post fuses with the gums and supporting bone tissue, working as tooth root.

2 – Abutment Posts

The abutment posts are the part of the restoration that attaches the implant post to the replacement tooth. When an implant post is placed, a protective cap is positioned over the top. This allows the implant site to heal while retaining the shape which is required for connecting the abutment post. Once the soft tissues have healed, the protective cap is removed and the abutment is attached.

3 – Replacement Teeth

After the abutment post is in place, the dentist will capture the impressions and get your replacement tooth designed. Then the design is sent to the dental lab where the custom restoration is crafted. Once the final restoration is received, it is permanently fixed to the abutment posts which recreate the healthy tooth structure.

Preparatory Treatments

Before the implant supported tooth replacement process begins, you may need to receive several preparatory treatments which includes extraction of damaged or unhealthy teeth and bone or soft tissue grafts. These treatments are performed for improving the chances of successful dental implant placement.

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